Agile EVM

AgileEVM is an adaptation of the traditional project management practice of measuring actual value of integrated cost, schedule, and scope against a baseline plan using Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics. The methods of measurement have been adapted to easily fit within the Scrum project management framework.

For information on AgileEVM calculations, see:

Agile EVM

Source code is available: Agile EVM source code

Use the AgileEVM App

To provide valuable results, your agile team should do the following:

  • The project should have at least one release.
  • Developers must consistently populate the Actuals field on all their tasks.
  • All release stories should have their Planned Estimate field populated during release planning.
  • Iterations are required for the release you are reporting on.

The app assumes the following default values:

  • Blended hourly rate for an employee: Default = $50/hour.
  • Ratio between story points and task hours: Default = 5.
  • Variance for Green, Yellow, and Red indicators: Default = 5.
Note: Changing the variance value results in the following percentage change to the variance indicator:
  • Variance of 5: >95% green, 85% to 94% yellow, < 84% red
  • Variance of 10: >90% green, 80% to 89% yellow, < 79% red

Change Default Values

You can change the default values by editing the app's global variables.

To change the default values:
  1. Create a custom page.
  2. Add a Custom HTML app to the custom page.
  3. Copy the code from the Agile EVM app in the CA Agile Central app catalog to the newly created Custom HTML app and edit the following variables in the Global Variables section of the code:
    • Billable_rate: Blended hourly rate for an employee.
    • Multiplier: Number of hours in an ideal developer day. For example, if a story point is equivalent to five hours of developer work, the multiplier is 5.
    • baseVar : Variance for green, yellow, and red indicators. Options are limited to 5 or 10.


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