Bulk Delete

Perform bulk actions to delete, restore, and permanently delete work items. Bulk delete is available on those pages where multiple items (rows) may be selected.

Users with editor permissions can delete and restore work items.

Bulk Delete Work Items

Note: Bulk deleting work items from the Work Views page uses a different process. Learn more.

Access bulk actions from the gear icon:


  1. Select one or more work items by placing a check mark in the checkbox on each row. The inline gear menu will switch to bulk actions mode bulk.
  2. Click the inline bulk actions gear menu and select Delete.
    Bulk Actions, Delete
  3. A confirmation dialog box displays information about the delete. Click Continue to delete the work items.


Delete Confirmation Messages

The confirmation message depends on which work items are being deleted or restored. For example:

  If you: This message displays:
Delete a defect suite Defect suites cannot be restored
Delete a portfolio item A summary page of related children

Bulk Actions in the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin entries' checkboxes allow the selection of multiple entries at once:

All of the operations share a similar flow.

  1. Check the rows to affect and choose the bulk operation.

    Recycle Bin Bulk Actions menu

  2. A screen displays to confirm the action:

  3. Confirm the action. A progress bar displays as the operation completes:

    If errors occur during the operation, the progress bar displays a red indicator and lists the issues. Hover over any of the errors to show more information.

Recycle Bin Confirmation Messages

The confirmation message depends on which work items are being restored. For example:

  If you: This message displays:
Restore items Associations with other work items may not be restored

Associations with other work items are restored as follows:

  If you restore: Then associations to:
Parent stories
  • Child stories, child tasks, test cases, and test runs are restored
  • Child defects are not restored
  • Predecessors and successors are not restored
Portfolio items Child stories or portfolio items are not restored

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