Cycle/Lead Time

The Cycle/Lead Time app allows you to view the average number of days it takes work to flow through your process. You can measure the time it takes for work to pass through CA Agile Central schedule states to acceptance. This is useful for teams who use Kanban and Lean practices in CA Agile Central.

Cycle Lead Time

Data displayed in the app is in the same format as the Cycle Time chart. Select the chart to go to the Reports tab where you may view additional information, including a key and summary metrics.

Note: The data roll up for the Cycle/Lead Time chart occurs at the end of the time period, while the legend label indicates the beginning of the time period. You will not see data for a time period while it is still being collected.

Filtering Cycle/Lead Time Data

To filter the data displayed in the chart:
  1. From the app gear menu, select Settings.
  2. Set the Date Range amount and term (weeks, months, or quarters) fields to set the boundaries of the chart.
  3. Select checkboxes in the Series drop-down to control what type of work items are charted.
  4. Select a beginning Schedule State value with the Start field drop-down to set the beginning point of your process. Select an end Schedule State value with the End field drop-down.
  5. Select Tags to filter on a group of user stories or defects marked with a specific tag.
  6. To enable the legend for the app, select Show Legend.
  7. Select Save.


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