Data Moves

Data moves such as merges, migrations, and workspace moves can be complex, challenging tasks. Each type of data move carries a unique set of rules and it is important to work with your CA Agile Central representative prior to your data move to ensure it goes as planned.

To help you prepare for a data move and what to expect from the actual move—such as timing, duration of down time, and so on—some data move types have their own webform you can use to communicate key pieces of information relevant to the data move and confirm your understanding of the process.

There are three types of data moves:

Read through the below definitions and click on the header links for detailed instructions of how to prepare to request the data move that fits your situation. If your data move needs do not fit into one of these categories, contact your sales representative to discuss whether CA Agile Central can accommodate your request.

Subscription Migration

A subscription migration moves data from a Trial or Community Edition subscription on the CA Agile Central trial server to a new subscription on the CA Agile Central production server. This is the most common of all data moves. It typically takes 15 minutes to complete but you should prepare your users for at least a three hour down time as we are unable to guarantee specific migration time slots. Users will not notice a difference except in the URL they use to log in. Login credentials remain the same.

Subscription Merge

A subscription merge moves all data from one subscription (the source subscription) into another subscription (the destination subscription). All workspaces from the source subscription are moved to the destination with their source subscription workspace name. Only subscription administrators will be able to see that there are more workspaces and additional users in the subscription.

A subscription merge typically takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. This type of data move involves moving all workspaces in the source subscription into the destination subscription while maintaining all the source subscription workspaces fields (such as workspace name, associated users, and so on).

Workspace Move

A workspace move moves all data from a target workspace in one subscription (source subscription) into an existing or new subscription (destination subscription). Only subscription administrators will be able to see that there are more workspaces and additional users in the destination subscription. If you need to move data between workspaces, contact your Sales Rep for assistance.

Workspace moves typically take 2 to 3 hours to complete. Data moves between workspaces within one subscription are not considered a workspace move.

Note: Only users associated exclusively with the target workspace will move with the data to the destination subscription. Users associated with more than just the target workspace will not move with their data.


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