Excel 2016 / Office 365

This feature is currently in Beta. Select the yellow Feedback button and let us know how we could improve your experience.

The CA Agile Central Add-in for Excel 2016 / Office 365 provides a quick and easy way to import or export data from your CA Agile Central subscription for tracking, reporting, or sharing. The data can be organized in a pivot table or displayed using Excel's built-in charting capabilities. Multiple CA Agile Central object types can be imported from or exported into multiple worksheets and the data cross referenced for more complex needs.

The add-in is capable of importing and exporting data. It cannot update the fields or statuses of existing work items. If you export an existing item, change a field, and then import, you will see a new copy of the existing work item. This also applies to user upload.

See the CA Agile Central Add-in for Excel 2016 / Office 365 Installation and User Guide for information on installing, configuring, and using the connector.


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