Git (Legacy)

IMPORTANT: This page describes the legacy and unsupported version of the Git connector. For the latest supported version, please go to Git Connector page.

The CA Agile Central connector for Git, upon a push to a remote repository, will:

  • Inspect the contents of all commit comments and create a changeset object in CA Agile Central associated to the CA Agile Central artifact for each comment
  • Creates a change object for each affected file
  • Updates the state of the CA Agile Central artifact (optional)

For example, if a developer checks in two files with the commit message Fixed DE17, upon the push to a remote repository, the Git connector will create a changeset object for the commit revision, create two change objects for the affected files, link the changeset object to the defect object, and set the state of Defect 17 to Fixed.

Since Git is a distributed SCM system, we are interested in discovering different usage scenarios for how to capture information about changes made to local branches before pushing them to a remote shared repository. Our goal is to support as many scenarios as possible. Right now, we inspect the most recent commit message for the local branch pushed. However, we may be able to get all the commits on the branch (all commits between the pre-push and post-push HEADs in the remote repository) and put those in the CA Agile Central defect's discussion, if support for that usage scenario is desirable.

Supported Version



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