File a Feature Request

Have you ever wanted CA Agile Central to work just a little bit differently? Do you have a great idea for functionality that currently does not exist in the tool? We want to hear about it! Our feature request process allows CA Agile Central users to propose and vote up new features, which our Product Owners use to fill our development backlog.

The most important thing you can do for a proposed feature is to make it public. This is done through our feedback site, CA Agile Central Ideas. You will need an existing account with CA Agile Central to log in to the site. Your username and password with CA Agile Central will grant access.

Prior to posting your idea on CA Agile Central Ideas, please search the site first for a duplicate or similar idea. If one exists, vote it up, and encourage your other users to do so.

We use vote totals from our idea management site to gauge interest for new features and requests. Encourage other users in your organization and beyond to vote for ideas you're passionate about.


Benötigen Sie weitere Informationen? Die CA Agile Central-Community ist Ihre zentrale Anlaufstelle für Self-Service und Support. Treten Sie der CA Agile Central-Community bei, um dem CA Agile Central-Support Feedback mitzuteilen oder Fälle zu melden, Antworten zu finden oder mit anderen Benutzern zusammenzuarbeiten.