How to Troubleshoot Chart-Related Issues

Seeing some odd behaviors or data visualized in your charts? The following questions will help us collaborate and uncover the chart's behavior:

  • Which chart is displaying odd behavior?
  • Is the odd behavior on only one chart or are others displaying similar behavior as well?
  • Is the chart behaving oddly for a single project or is the behavior affecting other charts across your project in your subscription?
  • What timezone setting is your user profile set to? What timezone is your workspace set to? Has either changed recently? Does changing your user profile to "Use Default" make a difference?
  • What days are checked as your workdays in the subscription settings?
  • Do you have a recent screenshot of the chart?

Contact Support

Please Contact Support when you encounter chart related issues. To help Support in troubleshooting issues, consider taking screenshots of the following elements:

  • Any chart that does not appear to be presenting as expected.
  • Project picker (especially helpful for roll-up charting).
  • Chart item revision history. For example, the iteration revision history is helpful for the iteration burndown chart, the user story revision history is helpful for a story burnup issue.

Known Issues

These are issues that we know about and are addressing as part of an overall focus on program tracking.

  • There is a known limitation with the milestone burnup and release tracking charts with large amounts of data. Burnup charts display "An error occurred while fetching snapshots for specified portfolio items." This is specific to Release Tracking, Milestone Burnup, and the PI Burnup app. Try a hard browser refresh or loading less data.
  • There is a known limitation with the release tracking chart which involves where the data is being pulled from. The Release Tracking burnup chart displays different counts than expected. We recommend using this chart for trend analysis rather than a way of counting story points. There are a few burnup apps in the App Catalog which might be helpful, or a custom chart could be a good solution.

Data Appears In Iteration Cumulative Flow But Not Release Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Symptom: Data is missing for one day on the Release Cumulative Flow chart and report. The error is only seen for a particular set of teams (all under same parent project). The data appears as expected on the Iteration Cumulative Flow for the same team, which covers the date in question.


Solution: Look at the release revision history. Was the release end date after the date had ended?


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