Open Defect Age

The Open Defect Age app tracks the mean age of open defects in your project.

The mean age of open defects is a measure of how much time currently-open defects stay unresolved. In most cases it makes sense to reduce mean age as this indicates that you do not have too many outstanding defects and customers do not have to wait too long for fixes.

To give the full picture of the maintenance situation, mean age of open defects should be interpreted together with a mean time to fix metric (how much time in average it takes you to fix a defect).

Open Defect Age

Source code is available: Open Defect Age app source code

Three areas of the app provide information on how your team is closing defects:

  • Chart
    A chart displays at the top of the app, showing the mean age of open defects during the last 30 days. Hover over a point on the line to see a detailed mean age for that day.
  • Oldest open defects
    The Oldest open defects table displays the five oldest defects in your project, along with a count of how many days each defect has been open.
    • Select the FormattedID of a defect to navigate to the item's detail page.
    • Sort data by selecting column names.
  • Do we solve high priority defects first?
    This table displays the available Priority field values for defects, along with a mean age in days for each priority.
    • If you have created custom values for the Priority field, they will display in the table.
    • Sort data by selecting column names.


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