The CA Agile Central Connector for Planisware

Planisware includes portfolio level (budget, simulation, scenarios, and roadmapping) as well as an operational level (project, resource and cost management, collaboration) functionality.


In conjunction with CA Agile Central, Planisware manages the product development pipeline and synchronizes it with the agile iterative development processes driven by CA Agile Central's Agile project management functionality. The Planisware-CA Agile Central integration combines the value and benefits of a structured approach to portfolio and project management with the flexibility of agile-oriented software development processes.

The integration flow:

  • High-level projects and releases are created in Planisware and synched to CA Agile Central
  • Detailed iterations and stories are then created in CA Agile Central
  • Iterations and stories are synched from CA Agile Central to Planisware
  • In Planisware, high-level status is available based on the details from CA Agile Central


Please contact Planisware [email protected] for more information about this connector.


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