qTest eXplorer

qTest eXplorer is an intelligent screen capture tool that runs unobtrusively on a testers' desktop, capturing every screen and step needed to reproduce a defect. The session can then be submitted to CA Agile Central directly as a defect, synced into the Session Manager of qTest, or saved locally as one of several popular formats. Additionally, users can convert the recorded sessions into a manual scripted test case for later use in regression or integration testing cycles.


qTest eXplorer allows for quick and seamless submission of detailed defect records into CA Agile Central. This simplified submission process will save testers time spent documenting, allowing them more time to find critical value added bugs that will increase software quality. qTest eXplorer is the leading exploratory testing tool, allowing for complete screen capture of exploratory testing sessions across desktop and mobile platforms. qTest eXplorer’s integration with qTest provides a platform for managing the progress of test sessions performed and the ability to edit sessions and submit defects from those sessions directly from qTest’s interface.

Cost: $29/user/month as a standalone product.
FREE with qTest Enterprise.
$9/user/month as an add-on to qTest Pro.


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