CA Agile Central Plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio / TFS 2008/2010 Installation & User Guide

Note: This Installation & User Guide contains instructions and downloadable files for Visual Studio versions 2008 and 2010. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Visual Studio.

The CA Agile Central Plugin for Visual Studio/TFS (Team Foundation Server) provides a simple method for .NET developers and testers to link CA Agile Central artifacts to VS/TFS Version Control checkins to provide traceability between CA Agile Central artifacts and code checkins.

Supported Versions: Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 with Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2012

This plugin can operate at two different levels:

  1. If you have only VS (Visual Studio) installed, this plugin will cause updates to VS Defects or Tasks to be pushed to CA Agile Central.
  2. If you also have TFS (Team Foundation Server) installed as well, this plugin will also display a "CheckIn" box on the plugin screen in VS.


For developers and testers who use Microsoft Visual Studio for application development and use Team Foundation Server source control, the Visual Studio plugin provides instant access to tasks and defects from within the Visual Studio context. The tasks and defects can be viewed or updated, providing an easy way to cross-populate information in CA Agile Central without having to leave the IDE. The Team Foundation Server plugin extends on this by providing a simple method to link CA Agile Central artifacts to Team Foundation Version Control check-ins to provide traceability between CA Agile Central artifacts and code check-ins.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Click on the Contact Support link at the bottom of any page in CA Agile Central to open a support case to obtain the CA Agile Central plugin for Team Foundation Server. Once you've received a response and obtained the installation package, proceed with the following tasks.

The following are the hardware and software requirements to install and run the CA Agile Central Team Foundation Server plugin.

  • Visual Studio 2008 or 2010;
  • Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2012 with Source Control

*Tested on 32-bit Windows XP and 64-bit Windows 7


Install the CA Agile Central Team Foundation Server plugin on each Visual Studio client that you plan to run the plugin. Installing multiple versions (one for Visual Studio 2008 and one for Visual Studio 2010) of the plugin is not supported.

New Installation

Follow these steps:
  1. Double-click the RallyforVisualStudio20xx_1.x.x.msi file.
  2. Select Next when the welcome screen displays.
  3. Accept the license agreement to proceed.
  4. Select Next to confirm the installation.

The installer copies the files and configures the file system.

Administrator Installation: If you are an administrator, the installer shows a dialog to confirm the version of Visual Studio for which the plugin is being installed and whether the plugin will be available to only the logged in user or everyone. Check the Make this installation available to Everyone box to make the CA Agile Central plugin available to any user that logs in to that machine.

If you are not an administrator, the installer installs the plugin only for the logged-in user.

Upgrade Existing Installation

The plugin removes the previous versions installed on you machine. However, if you attempt to install the same version, the setup displays a message with options to repair or remove the current installation.

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and select Rally for Visual Studio, and select Remove. Alternatively, double-click the RallyforVisualStudio20xx_1.x.x.msi file.and select Remove Rally for Visual Studio.
  2. You can now install the new version.

Troubleshooting the Plugin

Use the following troubleshooting instructions if you run into issues.

Installation Troubleshooting

If the CA Agile Central entry point icon does not display in the Tools menu, then follow these steps to manually initiate the plugin:

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2013, Visual Studio Tools, Visual Studio 2008/2010 Command Prompt.
  2. Type devenv.exe /resetaddin RallyPlugin.Connect
    A new Visual Studio instance starts.
  3. The CA Agile Central plugin menu displays in the Tools menu.

Check-in Button Troubleshooting

If the check-in button does not display, verify these items:

  1. Ensure you have a Project/Solution open in Solution Explorer.
  2. Ensure the files in the open Project/Solution have been added to TFS source control.

Plugin Hangs on Getting Workspace Users

If after you login in to the CA Agile Central plugin, the messages displayed in the bottom-right corner of the Visual Studio window stop and hang at: "Getting workspace users...", then it is probably because this user (in CA Agile Central) has a "Default Workspace / Project:" as follows:

  • the user is the only user having access to this workspace/project.
  • the user has this default setting defined as "<<No Entry>>" (for example, no workspace/project).

Unable to Load Data for Iterations Filter Drop-Down

You may encounter the following error when running version 1.6.3 or lower of the plugin, or, after upgrading to 1.6.4 or higher without a clean un-install:

"Unable to load data for Iterations filter drop-down due to a recent error. Please click 'Refresh List' to reload list."

This may occur when the plugin tries to refresh the Iterations list: A) after successfully logging in or B) when clicking Refresh List button. This is a known issue which has been resolved for version >= 1.6.4 of the plugin. If you were running a previous version of the add-in you may need to do a clean reinstall (after uninstalling your present instance) in order to overcome this error. A clean reinstall is the key: before you re-install, please follow these steps to uninstall your current instance:

Follow these steps:
  1. Close Visual Studio.
  2. Uninstall the current Visual Studio plugin (Control Panel, Programs and Features).
  3. In a Windows Explorer window, navigate to (example from Windows 7):
    C:\Users\username\Documents\ (or the equivalent folder for your version of Windows)
  4. Delete the folder named "RallyPlugin" from the "Documents" folder.
  5. Re-install the plugin from the install MSI.

General Troubleshooting

The activity log tracks all errors that the plugin encounters. If you have any issues using the plugin, please review the log file located in:

  • Windows XP:    %UserProfile%\My Documents\RallyPlugin\ForVS2010\RallyLog\<year><month><day>ActivityLog.log
  • Windows 7:       %UserProfile%\Documents\RallyPlugin\ForVS2010\RallyLog\<year><month><day>ActivityLog.log

For example, log for November 3rd, 2010 will be named 20101103ActivityLog.log and will be stored in this directory.

Using the CA Agile Central Team Foundation Server Plugin

With the Team Foundation Server plugin, you can retrieve CA Agile Central work items.

Display Team Foundation Server Plugin From Visual Studio

Follow these steps:
  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. From the menu bar, select Tools, then select CA Agile Central.
  3. Select Login and enter user credentials on the Setup Page.
  4. Enter proxy server information if applicable (speak to your local system administrator for the server information).
  5. Select OK.

Retrieve Workspaces, Defects, and Tasks

Once successfully logged in to CA Agile Central from the plugin, the Tasks and Defects lists are displayed for the CA Agile Central user's default workspace in CA Agile Central. To determine if a user has a default workspace, go to Setup, Profile, Edit Profile from CA Agile Central.

  • If you do not have a default workspace, the first open workspace sorted alphabetically will display that you have permission to view.
  • Only Tasks and Defects that the Visual Studio user owns and are not-closed (not-completed) are displayed.
  • All open workspaces that the user has permission to view are displayed in the workspace drop-down.
  • By default, the Task tab is selected and the Task list is shown. You can select the Defects tab to see the Defect list.
  • Selecting another workspace from the Workspace chooser will automatically refresh the current Task and Defect list with information from the selected Workspace.

Update Tasks and Defects

Select the row for the defect or task you want to edit.

The Save and Cancel icons are located at the top-right to accept and cancel modifications. These icons are identical to the Save and Cancel icons in CA Agile Central when inline editing an artifact.

Check-in Code From Team Foundation Server Source Control

Follow these steps:
  1. Open a Solution/Project from File, Open in Visual Studio. Ensure this Solution/Project has been added to Source Control.
  2. Go to Tools, CA Agile Central (if the CA Agile Central window is not currently open). A check in button should display on the far-right of the defect or task row.
  3. Once a file is modified in Visual Studio and ready to be checked in, select Check In from the appropriate row for the CA Agile Central artifact that relates to the modified files.
  4. On the Check In dialog, select the applicable files to check in and enter comments regarding the changeset.
  5. Select Check In to finalize.
  6. Once this completes, right-click on the modified file in Visual Studio and select Show History to see the last changeset and a reference to the CA Agile Central artifact in the history.
  7. For the CA Agile Central artifact, select the formatted ID (such as DE1, TA23) link to go directory to the artifact (it may prompt you to login to CA Agile Central).

When viewing the CA Agile Central artifact from CA Agile Central, notice the fields are updated in CA Agile Central based on modifications from Visual Studio (for example, you updated the Defect state and now the same state is set in CA Agile Central).

The CA Agile Central artifact will also have a new Discussion entry that shows information on the changeset, comments, owner of change, and a list of modified files in a nicely formatted table view.


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