Ready to Accept

The Ready to Accept app displays work in the current iteration that is ready to accept. A state of Completed signals that the work is ready for acceptance.

Features include:

  • View all user stories, defects, defect suites, and test sets in the current iteration with a Completed state
  • View the FormattedID, Name, and Schedule State fields by default
  • Add standard and custom fields to the app display through the Settings menu
  • Hover over the FormattedID of user stories, defects, and defect suites to see description and hierarchy details
  • Click the FormattedID of user stories, defects, and defect suites to navigate to the item's detail page
  • Double-click inside of fields to edit details
  • Sort data by clicking column names

To populate the Ready to Accept app, user stories need to be at a completed state and scheduled in your current iteration. You can track this by viewing the Iteration Status page.


  • If you have a story set to a completed state that is blocked, it will still display in the app in red
  • Only user stories with no open defects are displayed


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