Release Summary

The Release Summary app provides your team a view of the stories and defects accepted in a release. Current project scoping settings are obeyed in the app. For example, if project scope down is true, stories and defects in child projects with the same selected release name are included.

Source code is available: Release Summary app source code

Links are included for quick access to the detail pages of the included release, stories, and defects.

Release Summary

Using the app, you can:

  • View all accepted user stories and defects in a given release.
  • View FormattedID and Name values for each work item.
  • Select the FormattedID of user stories and defects to navigate to the item's detail page.
  • View contents of the release's Notes field in the app.
  • The About this release section is populated from the Notes field of the selected release. Select the Additional information link to view the release details.
  • Use the Release drop-down menu to view past and future releases.
  • Print the app contents from the app gear menu.
  • The app content can be copied and pasted into an email to quickly create a release summary message.



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