Tasktop Dev

The Task-Focused Desktop (Tasktop) enables you to take control of the enormous volumes of information that make up your workday. Instead of being overloaded with hundreds of files and web pages, Tasktop shows you only the information that is relevant to your current task. The Tasktop standalone application allows you to relate your daily tasks to emails, files on your computer, web sites, or even artifacts in CA Agile Central using the CA Agile Central connector for Tasktop.


  • Tasktop tracks the files and web pages that you access, displaying only the ones that are relevant.
  • When used with CA Agile Central, Tasktop provides task-focused collaboration with CA Agile Central defects, tasks, or user stories, including updates and links to the CA Agile Central artifacts.
  • Switching between tasks becomes a single-click operation—all of your documents and browser tabs are instantly restored.


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