Understanding Supported Versions

CA Agile Central supports only the last two revisions of the connectors and only specific versions of the products we connect to (depending on which versions we are certified on). To see which versions are supported, refer to the individual connector’s help page listed here.

We strongly recommend that you check for and update to newer versions of the connector on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest functionality and defect fixes. We do not recommend using unsupported versions of connectors and products. If you use them, we cannot support, assist, or investigate issues related to using an unsupported version.

If you run connectors (supported and unsupported) with CA Agile Central, you are responsible for:

  • Maintaining a reasonable number of API requests made to CA Agile Central
  • Monitoring the logs for any problems or errors
  • Resolving any issues that happen involving running the connector

CA Agile Central reserves the right to disable accounts at any time with or without notice that are causing issues that impact users of any subscription. For example, if you are running a work item connector where you are copying CA Agile Central work items to an external system. If there are required fields that are not accounted for in the connector configuration, you may encounter a situation where copy attempts fail and get retried every run of the connector. In environments where many work items are present this may lead to a very large amount of failed requests. CA Agile Central may disable these account due to the large number of unresolved failures.


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