Workspace Move

A workspace move is required anytime you need a workspace moved out of its current subscription and into an existing or new subscription. A workspace move moves all data from a workspace in one subscription (the source subscription) into an existing or new subscription (the destination subscription). Only subscription administrators will be able to see that there are more workspaces and additional users in the destination subscription.

Note: CA Agile Central cannot perform a workspace move for a subscription with only one workspace. You can either create a new workspace to serve as the surviving workspace in the subscription or CA Agile Central can use the subscription merge process to provide the same end result.

A workspace move entails the following:

  1. You submit a signed order form.
  2. You ensure that all users that need to move with the target workspace have access to only that workspace.
  3. You work with CA Agile Central Support to plan the move.
  4. You coordinate with the Subscription Administrators of the source and destination subscriptions to alert all users of the planned downtime.
  5. CA Agile Central Support schedules and completes the move.
  6. CA Agile Central notifies you after the move is complete.

Workspace moves typically take 2–5 hours to complete, during which time the source and destination subscriptions will be unavailable. Data moves between workspaces within one subscription are not considered a workspace move.

Workspace moves can be scheduled on weekdays Monday - Thursday between 3 PM - 5 PM Mountain time. Workspace moves will not be performed during midnight of the default timezone that is set on the source workspace. Users will not have access to either the source or destination subscriptions during the move.

Note: The notification email you receive to confirm your move is complete may be delayed; if you are able to log in to CA Agile Central, the move is complete and you will be receiving the workspace move complete notification soon.
  • Custom User fields that are created at the Subscription level will not move along with the workspace since these fields are specific to the Subscription and not the Workspace.
  • Subscription level Apps will not be moved and will be deleted from pages.
  • Only users associated exclusively with the target workspace will move with the data to the destination subscription. Users associated with more than just the target workspace will not move with their data. This includes active and inactive workspaces. Administrators must check that users they want to move only have permissions to the target workspace.
  • Subscription administrators will not move with the target workspace. A current subscription administrator that needs to move with the target workspace will need to have another subscription administrator from the source subscription change their administrator permission from Yes to No.
  • Watches and Webhooks are not moved to the destination subscription and will need to be recreated. It is recommended that users export the list of their Watches, and administrators export a list of existing Webhooks, prior to the data move.
  • Watch the video below to learn how to verify the permissions of your users.
    workspace permissions tool video

All workspace moves must be submitted by a signed order before a move can be scheduled. If you need to schedule a workspace move and have not submitted a signed order, please contact your CA Agile Central sales representative to have the order form sent to you. Once you have submitted the signed order form, your sales representative will engage CA Support, who will contact you to schedule the move.

At the time of scheduling, CA Agile Central Support will re-confirm with you that all your users—including all other subscription administrators—are aware of downtime and know not to contact CA Agile Central Support for outage issues.

Note: The final scheduling email is the final communication prior to the move taking place. CA Agile Central will not send another email prior to the move. You will need to reply to the scheduling email with confirmation that you understand the following:
  • CA Agile Central will be inaccessible during the move
  • You are responsible for communicating downtime with your users (click here to watch a video on how to export a list of usernames for email)
  • Confirm the scheduled time and expected duration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a workspace move work?

A: At a high level, we move (copy) all of the workspace data from the source subscription into the destination subscription. Let's take a simple example. Before the workspace move, you may have two subscriptions with the following workspaces:

Brfore graphic

However, what you really want is for "Workspace 2" to be in "Subscription 2". This is what the workspace move will do. Here's what it will look like after the move

After graphic

Q: Does a workspace move cause the work item ID's to change? Does US4 potentially become US432?

A: No. The the formatted ID (ex: US4) for a work item is unique to a workspace. This means you can have several User Stories with the same Formatted ID - one per workspace - across your subscription.

Q: Does the work item revision history get retained?

A: Yes. The tables are moved/copied into the new subscription.

Q: Do OIDs change after the move?

A: No. OIDs remain the same so any queries against them will not need to be updated.

Q: Does cumulative flow data get retained? Can iterative burndown data for an old iteration still be seen?

A: Yes. The tables are moved/copied into the new subscription.


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