This configuration file will COPY (in one direction only) from Quality Center to CA Agile Central:

FROM: "Tests" in QC's TestPlan

TO: "TestCases" in CA Agile Central's TestFolder (under TestPlan)

<!-- **********************************************************************
FILE:    QC-config-CopyTests2TestCases.pxml

PURPOSE: This configuration file will COPY, in one direction only (from
         Quality Center to Rally):
            FROM: "Tests"     in QC's TestPlan
            TO:   "TestCases" in Rally's TestFolder (under TestPlan)

USAGE:   Replace all the "Your-..." strings below with values which are
         appropriate for your environment.
*********************************************************************** -->


        <!-- If no <TestFolder> is specified,
             then *ALL* Tests in TestPlan will be copied.

             If a <TestFolder> is specified,
             then *ALL* Tests in that folder only will be copied
             (but not subfolders or Tests in subfolders).


            <Field><Rally>Name</Rally>       <Other>TS_NAME</Other>         </Field>
            <Field><Rally>Description</Rally><Other>TS_DESCRIPTION</Other>  </Field>
            <Field><Rally>Notes</Rally>      <Other>TS_DEV_COMMENTS</Other> </Field>
            <Field><Rally>TestFolder</Rally> <Other>TS_SUBJECT</Other>      </Field>

        <!-- Without the <RallyTestFolderFieldHandler> and <QCTestplanFolderFieldHandler>
             below, the folder structure from QC will NOT be copied into Rally, rather only
             TestCases will be created in Rally.

             When the <RallyTestFolderFieldHandler> and <QCTestplanFolderFieldHandler>
             are specifiedbelow, and no QC <TestFolder> tag is specified above, then the structure
             under the QC "Subject" folder (not the Subject folder itself -and- excluding the
             Unattached folder), will be maintained (i.e. copied to Rally) for all QC folders
             which contain Tests (or have Tests in one of their subfolders). The structure
             can then be viewed in Rally under the "Quality" >> "Test Plan" tab.





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