Product Accessibility Features

CA Technologies is committed to ensuring that all customers, regardless of ability, can successfully use its products and supporting documentation to accomplish vital business tasks.

CA used a variety of browsers, screen reader software (including NVDA and JAWS on Windows, and VoiceOver on macOS), as well as accessibility-testing tools such as aViewer, the Color Contrast Analyser, and developer tools and accessibility extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This document summarizes the accessibility of CA Agile Central as tested for Section 508 compliance.

  • Many functions can be performed using the keyboard only. However, there are exceptions. For example, the following functions cannot be accessed using the keyboard only:
    • Selecting a page layout on the Home page.
    • Opening the defect details tooltip on the Backlog page.
  • The CA Agile Central website features time limits, but provides a mechanism for users to turn off, adjust, or extend the time limit.
  • Text can be resized or zoomed without assistive technology up to 200% without loss of content or functionality.
  • Keyboard operable user interface components do not provide a visible keyboard focus indicator.
  • The website includes text or images of text with a contrast ratio below 4.5:1.
  • Textual information is provided through operating system functions for displaying text.
  • Electronic forms in the product can be completed using the keyboard. However, a screen reader is unable to prompt users to fill in form fields, requiring the screen reader user to examine the textual screen content to determine what fields are present.
  • This product supports the use of Assistive Technology screen readers by blind and visually impaired users. However, screen readers do not have access to user interface element semantics, requiring the user to examine the textual screen content to determine available options, entry fields, keyboard shortcuts, and application responses.
  • This product does not require user hearing or speech.
  • This product can be used in a mouseless, keyboard-only mode. In addition, the product supports OS accessibility features.


To increase visibility on your computer display, you may be able to use the browser’s configuration or plugins to adjust the following options:

  • Font style, color, and size of items
    Defines font color, size, and other visual combinations.
  • Screen resolution
    Defines the pixel count to enlarge objects on the screen.
  • Cursor width and blink rate
    Defines the cursor width or blink rate, which makes the cursor easier to find or minimize its blinking.
  • Icon size
    Defines the size of icons. You can make icons larger for visibility or smaller for increased screen space.
  • High contrast schemes
    Defines color combinations. You can select colors that are easier to see.


Use sound as a visual alternative or to make computer sounds easier to hear or distinguish by adjusting the following options:

  • Volume
    Sets the computer sound up or down.
  • Text-to-Speech
    Sets the computer's hear command options and text read aloud.
  • Warnings
    Defines visual warnings.
  • Notices
    Defines the aural or visual cues when accessibility features are turned on or off.
  • Schemes
    Associates computer sounds with specific system events.
  • Captions
    Displays captions for speech and sounds.


You can make the following keyboard adjustments:

  • Repeat Rate
    Defines how quickly a character repeats when a key is struck.
  • Tones
    Defines tones when pressing certain keys.
  • Sticky Keys
    Defines the modifier key, such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or the Windows Logo key, for shortcut key combinations. Sticky keys remain active until another key is pressed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also save time by using keyboard shortcuts to invoke the most common supported commands.


You can use the following options to make your mouse faster and easier to use:

  • Click Speed.
    Defines how fast to click the mouse button to make a selection.
  • Click Lock.
    Sets the mouse to highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button.
  • Reverse Action
    Sets the reverse function controlled by the left and right mouse keys.
  • Blink Rate
    Defines how fast the cursor blinks or if it blinks at all.
  • Pointer Options
    Let you complete the following actions:
    • Hide the pointer while typing
    • Show the location of the pointer
    • Set the speed that the pointer moves on the screen
    • Choose the pointer's size and color for increased visibility
    • Move the pointer to a default location in a dialog box

Product Documentation and Support

CA Agile Central documentation and support are provided as follows:

  • Product documentation is available online.
  • Support is available as follows:
    • Online and email support for customers with hearing disabilities.
    • Telephone support for customers with visual disabilities.


Need more help? The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to CA Agile Central Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us in the CA Agile Central Community.