Agile Central Labs

Agile Central Labs are the Wild West for our developers. It's a chance for our developers to release features to our customers with the caveat that they are unsupported.

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Agile Central Labs includes the following topics:

What are Labs?

Many labs are created as part of Agile Central's Hackathon program . Hackathons provide our engineering team to channel their innovative side and explore interests that they are passionate about. Labs are a place for our developers to release features to our customers, with the understanding that these capabilities are in an unsupported state .

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The Fine Print

Labs features are created for users that don't mind experimenting with features that may or may not have bugs or other issues. Labs are not covered by service level agreements (SLAs), nor are they supported by Support. There is no guarantee that they will work correctly (or at all). Labs features may be removed at any time. To put it succinctly, you're on your own if you decide to use a lab.

To try out labs, navigate to My Settings, Labs. You will need to accept the disclaimer warning in order to continuing using labs.

Enable Labs

The subscription administrator and the user will see slightly different screens when enabling a lab.

Subscription Administrator

A subscription administrator can try out individual labs and decide whether to make those available to their users to try out. To try out a lab, select the On For Me toggle:

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To enable a lab for the subscription , select the Enabled For Subscription checkbox.

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Note: Enabling a lab for a subscription does not turn the lab on for all users. Instead, it allows individual users to turn that lab on for themselves. If a subscription administrator does not enable a lab, the user will still see the lab but will not be able to turn that lab on to try the functionality.


A user can turn on any lab enabled for the subscription. To try out a lab, select the On For Me toggle:

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If a lab is not enabled for the subscription, the user will see the name, the description and a note that says Not enabled for subscription. Contact your sub-admin for more info.

Now you're ready to start using Agile Central Labs — Happy experimenting!

What's Next?

Great, so you have been poking around and trying out a new lab. If you have gripes, praise, or constructive criticism, you can select the Give Feedback or Report an Issue button on the Labs page to submit your thoughts.

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