Business Agility and Annual Planning

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Q: One of the challenges we face when keeping stable teams is the utilization rate. Not every project fits perfectly in existing teams and it may cause one or more teams to not be fully used. How do you maximize the utilization rate?

A: The myth of maximization comes from a cost perspective. By focusing on stable teams, creating value, and pulling work through teams in a more orderly basis, you won't have to worry about utilization rates. Instead of focusing on maximizing utilization as a planning paradigm (or cost factor), calculate utilization as you work through projects and make adjustments as necessary.

Q: How do you manage disruptions to the funding plan if the goals keep changing through the course of the year?

A: If, over the course of the year you find an initiative that no longer adds value and your plan doesn't allow for change or reallocation—you are in trouble. The business world no longer uses the concept of a calendar year to deliver value. Fund at a higher level that gives your organization the flexibility to deliver value and not be concerned about all of the granular details until the plan is ready for execution.


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