CA PPM (CapGemini)

Many organizations have implemented CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity PPM) for managing their end-to-end portfolio management process areas and CA Agile Central for managing Agile projects. The CA PPM – CA Agile Central Integrator from CapGemini provides a bi-directionally integrated PPM – ALM ecosystem.


  • One-time integration setup between CA PPM and CA Agile Central
  • Projects, users, team permissions are automatically create in CA Agile Central from CA PPM
  • Releases, iterations, assignments are created in CA PPM as summary tasks, tasks, and tasks assignments from CA Agile Central
  • Agile projects in CA Agile Central are in sync with CA PPM for effort and cost tracking
  • Automated project and resource creation in CA Agile Central
  • Automated Work Plan Hierarchy (tasks) creation in CA PPM corresponding to releases and iterations in CA Agile Central
  • Resource allocation and assignments in CA Agile Central releases and CA PPM project tasks
  • Pre-configured dashboards for project execution monitoring


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