Close Projects and Workspaces

You cannot delete workspaces or projects. However, closing projects or workspaces can have the same effect since it locks work items in those projects and reduces clutter from navigation and pickers.

Reasons for closing projects or workspaces:

  • Project or workspace that was created by accident or never used
  • Stale project or workspace
  • Completed project that no longer needs to be in project pickers and navigation

Close Unused Workspaces or Projects

Some basics of closing a project or workspace:

  • You must be a workspace or subscription administrator .
  • When closing a workspace, all child projects must also be closed (this is a manual process).
  • When closing a project, all child projects must also be closed.
  • Reopening a child project requires all parent projects and workspaces to be open as well.
  • Closing a project or workspace blocks all edits to work items or timeboxes except to change the project.
  • Stories in closed projects will still have points reflected in portfolio item rollups.

Once a project or workspace has been closed, users will no longer be able to navigate to it. This means that users will no longer be able look at all work items and navigate to pages within those projects or workspaces. You will still be able to access work items in the project through search or with a direct link to the work item.

To close a project or workspace:
  1. Select the Setup icon from the navigation bar in the upper-right corner of the CA Agile Central display.
  2. Select the Workspaces & Projects tab .
  3. Select the item you want to close.
  4. Edit the workspace or project and set the State to Closed.

Once the workspace or project is closed, it will remain intact, but no longer displays in the drop-down list on the navigation bar or the project picker. Changes to workspaces are recorded in the revision history.

View Closed Projects and Workspaces

The default workspace page does not show closed workspaces and projects. You can filter your workspace page to show both open and closed projects.

To view all projects (including closed projects) in the workspace:
  1. Select the Setup icon from the navigation bar in the upper-right corner of the CA Agile Central display.
  2. Select the Workspaces & Projects tab.
  3. Change the State drop-down from Open to All.
  4. Select Filter at the top of the page.

Search in Closed Projects

You can still search for items in closed projects, but you will only see those results under the Closed Projects tab on the Search page. Make sure you have Search workspace selected since you will not be able to navigate to the closed project. Searching closed workspaces is not possible since you are unable to search other workspaces than the one you are in.

Select the Closed Projects tab when searching to see work items in closed projects.

Closed Projects Tab image

Editing Closed Projects

While you can still access items in closed projects using the Search page or Work Views, the only field that can be edited is the project. This is a way to archive items in closed projects by preventing users from editing them. Users will not be able to edit timeboxes for closed projects.


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