Convert a User Story to a Defect

You may have a user story that really should be a defect . You can convert a user story to a defect from the editable detail page . During conversion:

  • The user story name is prepended with "(Converted to Defect)".
  • The user story is not deleted, but it is unscheduled.
  • The user story's defects, portfolio items, predecessor , successors, and children stay on the user story.
  • The user story's tasks, attachments, and test cases are moved to the new defect.
  • Discussion posts are copied to the defect.

To convert a user story:

  1. Open the user story in the Editable Detail Page.
  2. Click the gear actions icon, then select Convert to Defect.
  3. The Confirm Defect Conversion dialog displays information about the conversion. Click Convert to create the defect and modify the user story.

    The new defect displays in the QDP.

Field conversion information:

  • Schedule information is included in the new defect.
  • User story fields that do not exist in a defect are stored in the Notes field as name-value pairs.
  • Custom fields are stored in the defect Notes field as name-value pairs.
  • The user story revision history will include an entry for the name change and that it was converted to a defect. The defect revision history will include that it was converted from a user story.


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