Data Collection

The foundation of our charting is based on the data that is collected. Depending on the chart, data collects at different times.

Did You Know?

  • Data collection occurs for the ALM charts and graphs at midnight as defined by the workspace timezone setting.
  • If your user profile has a different timezone profile, the tool will apply an offset, so your chart may look funny depending on what the difference in timezones is.
  • The charts on the Reports tab and Dashboard will update in near real time, within ten minutes of when a change was made.
  • The ALM cumulative flow information aggregates all work product information together, so pulling out specific data is difficult and must be done by querying against the work products directly.
  • If you're looking to import historical data, you can do so in the tool, but data collection will not retroactively run and "back date" in reporting information.


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