Defect Summary Matrix

The Defect Summary Matrix app displays a breakdown of defects in a release by the State and Priority fields. Select an individual State or Priority for a list of defects in that category. Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data.

Defect Summary Matrix

Summary Table

When the app loads, you will see a table of defect states and priorities. Priority field values are represented as rows, while State field values are columns. A count of defects in the release with each priority and state are displayed in each cell.

Select any cell to view a listing of all defects with the listed state and priority.

If you have added custom values to the State or Priority fields, they will be displayed in the app. A blank or no entry row is provided if the defect does not have a priority. Totals are also provided in the bottom row and right-most column.

Use the Release drop-down menu to view the totals from past or future releases.

Details Table

Select a cell in the summary table to see a table of details for all defects that match the conditions for severity and priority:

Details table

Features include:

  • View the FormattedID, Name, State, Priority, and Owner fields of each defect
  • Select the FormattedID of a defect to navigate to the item's detail page
  • Sort data by selecting column names


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