Definition of Done


A story is a software system requirement formulated as a few sentences in the everyday language of the user that can be completed within an Iteration . A story is done when:

  • All code is checked in
  • All developer tests pass
  • All acceptance tests pass
  • Help text is written
  • Product Owner accepted


An iteration is a theme-driven timebox of requests to be worked on and accepted within a release of a product, it is defined in an iteration planning meeting and is completed with an iteration demo and review meeting. The terms iteration and sprint are used synonymously. An iteration is done when:

  • Product backup is complete
  • Performance tested
  • Defects fixed or postponed


A release is milestone representing the internal or external delivery of a working, tested version of the system. A release is done when:

  • Stress tested
  • Performance tuned
  • Security validation passes
  • Disaster recovery plan tested


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