Enhanced Velocity Chart

Important! This app is being deprecated on October 22, 2018. Learn more.

The Enhanced Velocity Chart app displays the amount of work accepted for previous iterations in the project scope. The amount of work accepted is compared to both the work accepted after the iteration ends and the work not accepted in the iteration. By seeing up to the previous 10 iterations, you can estimate velocity for the development team's ability to deliver acceptable work.

Enhanced Velocity Chart

  • Dark green bars show the total amount of accepted work delivered by the last day of the iteration.
  • Light green bars (if present) show the total amount of accepted work delivered since the last day of the iteration.
  • Clear bars (if present) represent work done during the iteration that was not accepted.
  • Dark green line shows the proposed velocity ( plan estimate ) over past iterations.

Not all iterations are development iterations. Some teams use iterations for hardening or investigating a product before releasing. Several statistics have been included to help reflect this, to prevent those iterations from altering the velocity. The average of the last three iterations, the average of the best three iterations, and the average of the worst three iterations are included to help reveal a more actionable velocity.

Velocity charts are dynamic. If you move a story out of the iteration after it ends, the results of the chart will change.

Each previous iteration of the default project is shown in the X axis (up to 10 iterations) and the Plan Estimates are shown on the Y axis. Hover over each section of each bar to display exact numbers for each iteration.

Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data.


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Heads Up

By default, the Plan Estimates are set to use Points , but this unit is configurable from the Workspace detail page as a CA Agile Central administrator.