External API Keys

CA Agile Central Application Manager provides a set of authentication features for API and app developers and users.

Access CA Agile Central Application Manager

To access the CA Agile Central Application Manager, log in with your CA Agile Central username and password at the following URL: https://rally1.rallydev.com/login.

There are three tabs at the top of the page —Authorized Applications, API Keys, and OAuth Clients.

OAUTH banner

Previously, a LoginKey was needed to collect and display CA Agile Central data in other systems, such as Confluence. This method also required a seat license to provide a user and password combination.

The API Keys page allows you to create keys that can be used to access your subscription data without using your username and password. However, any application using the API Key you generated will have access and be tracked as if you logged in with your username and password. API Keys do not require an additional CA Agile Central license because they are an extension of your own user license.

API Keys are strings that authenticate a user when accessing the CA Agile Central Web Services API. However, unlike a session token, the API Key does not expire. API Keys obey the permissions of the user that generated them - it is just like using that user’s credentials. Keys are valid as long as the user desires, and can be deleted or reset.

Subscription administrators may view, delete, and reset all active keys in a subscription from the API Keys page.

Create a New API Key

To create a new key, click Create New API Key, then click Create.

Your key is created and you can edit or delete the key as needed.

API Keys

View API Keys

Sort by Date

You can sort your API key data by selecting the desired date column:

  • Created
  • Last Accessed
  • Last Reset


You can filter your API key data by display name, key, and user name.

Download API Key Data

You may download API key data to a CSV formatted file.

  • Display Name
  • Secret Key
  • Owner
  • Grants
  • Created date
  • Last Accessed date
  • Last Reset date

Edit an API Key

Select the Edit button. The following fields may be edited:

  • Description
  • Grants

You may also reset the API Key.


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