Flowdock Administration

Flowdock administration includes the following topics:

Flow Settings

Manage your flows on the Settings page . Each flow's settings are unique and must be managed individually. Click the vertical ellipsis by the flow's name to access the Settings page:

Edit the flow name and description as necessary. Changing these values will not affect the flow members.

Privacy and settings

On this tab , you can manage flow membership, access mode, and joining settings. Users can only be removed from invite-only flows. To remove a user, hover over their name to invoke the Remove User button.


Use this tab to manage all the useful integrations you can use with CA Flowdock. Learn more.


Use this tab to manage custom groups within the flow. Learn more.

Flowdock and other IM tools

Having a single communication channel for a specific purpose is important. This is why we highly recommend that you stop using any existing IM tools when you decide to use CA Flowdock. In order for communication to be effective, people need to know where to find discussions. CA Flowdock allows you to keep communication in one place.

If you rely on mailing lists to stay informed, add your flow’s email address (usually of the form [email protected]) to the mailing list. Content sent to the mailing list displays in the flow’s team inbox. The correct email address is in the flow’s settings.


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