Flowdock Search

The search box allows you to search and filter your flow's content, including chat messages, uploaded files, emails, and other team inbox items. Search results display in the team inbox.

Flowdock supports searching either by tags or full-text search. When you search by entering multiple tags, the result will only display items that have all the tags you entered.

You can also use the search field to filter the contents of the team inbox. Sort search results by relevance or age.


Tag chat messages, conversations, or team inbox items to make them easier to search.

There are two ways to tag messages:

  • Any word starting with the # character is automatically used to tag the message in chat messages, comments, or email subjects. You can also tag messages with a @ user tag to notify and highlight the message for the tagged user.
  • Click the tag icon in the top-right corner of the message.

You can remove, edit, and add tags.

Some examples of how you can use tags include:

  • Buy more coffee #todo #shoppinglist
  • http://www.flowdock.com #collaboration
  • The main navigation links don't work on #ie10 #bug #production
  • Could @everyone verify their attendance to the monthly meeting #todo


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