Flowdock Team Inbox

The team inbox is your flow's shared view into different types of activity. The team inbox items start conversations, allowing your team to react quickly. You can push anything into your team inbox, such as email, RSS feeds, tweets, or by using one of CA Flowdock's out-of-the-box integrations. Issue trackers, wikis, version control, deployment servers, and customer support services are all possible integrations. You can also get content from your custom tools into your flow using CA Flowdock's API.

Team inbox items are visible in the same way to all flow members. If you are using a source with sensitive information, make sure the flow is restricted to only those who should have access.

All team inbox items can be commented on. These comments display in the flow's chat. All the comments for a single team inbox item are grouped together as a conversation thread. Comments are only be visible to members of the flow.

Tag team inbox items and make them searchable by clicking the tag icon in the top-right corner of the message.

Any member of the flow can delete team inbox items by opening the item and clicking on the trash can next to each integration message. When all messages in a thread are deleted, it is permanently removed from the team inbox.

Add Integrations to the Team Inbox

  1. Select the more options icon ( ⋮ ) next to your flow's name and select Settings.
  2. Select the Integrations tab .

Here are some common sources:


  • Every flow has an email address, located in Settings. Save the email address in your address book and forward emails that you want to share to it.
  • You can add new Email inbox sources. Each source has a unique email address and you can choose whether the messages are grouped to threads (if the message subject matches).
  • If your tool sends email notifications, integrate it by forwarding the notifications to your flow's email address.
  • By modifying the flow's e-mail address, you can automatically assign tags to emails that are sent to the flow. For example, the address [email protected]_name.flowdock.com will automatically tag the email with #todo and #urgent. Note that the name of the flow should always be first, followed by the plus-separated tags.
  • To notify specific users, use periods to tag the email with usernames. For example, an email sent to [email protected]_name.flowdock.com will tag that email with @Marty, @Emmett, and #todo. Send an e-mail to [email protected] to notify those who follow the @team group tag in the flow.
  • #Hashtags and @user tags in the email's subject field are automatically converted into tags.
  • Each flow's email integration is rate limited to a maximum of 150 messages per 15 minutes.


CA Flowdock comes with over 90 integrations to many popular tools and services.


  • Many online services – wikis, blogs, ticketing systems – provide RSS activity feeds. You can subscribe to these feeds to get make the activity stream visible in your flow.
  • Track web mentions with Google Alerts.
  • Follow interesting blogs such as competing companies, products you use, and interesting people.

Team Inbox Item Actions

Team inbox items allow you to perform specific actions based on the source and content of the item. You can find these actions by opening the item's context menu.

For example, you can reply to or forward an email using your email client. React quickly directly from CA Flowdock.


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