How are Support cases handled?

See the triage process diagram below for how CA Agile Central Support handles all inbound cases:

We employ several statuses on a case. Of these statuses, we have two sets of states—Open and Closed:

Open states

  • New: Default case state and is a new case that has not been assigned and is in a case queue (Tier1).
  • In Progress: An Engineer has been assigned the case and is working on the issue.
  • Waiting on Customer : The Engineer has sent a reply to the case and is awaiting a response.
  • Escalated: The case is associated to a CA Agile Central defect or user story and is in the process of being fixed.
  • On Hold: Used to communicate there will not be a status change on the case for the foreseeable future, due to an anticipated event. For example, On-Premises cases that request functionality that will be included in the next release may be put in this state.
  • Checkback: The Engineer has followed up on the case and is awaiting a customer response.
  • Customer Responded: The customer has responded to the case.

Closed states

  • Closed–Resolved: The case issue has been resolved.
  • Closed–Checkback: The case has been closed without hearing from the customer after a follow up.
  • Closed–Needs Solution: A Knowledge Base article needs to be written to address the particular case's issue.
  • Closed– Feature Request : The case's feedback was triaged through the Feature Request triage process.
  • Closed–Self Service: The customer solved their own issue.


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