How CA Agile Central Displays Information

CA Agile Central supplies a variety of page types. Pages are a collection of like data that are arranged in a relevant display. Some pages are standard static pages while other pages can be customized.

View your relevant project information in a summarized page, a detailed page, or from your dashboard .

Summary Page

This page displays a summarized listing of all work items for the tab selected, including hyper-linked work item IDs, names, and related values.

Standard Navigation Personalized Navigation
Summary view Summary view, personalized navigation

Detail Page

This page provides access to a single work item that is fully elaborated, including child stories, attachments, and revision history.

Standard Navigation Personalized Navigation
Detail page Detail page, personalized navigation

Dashboard Page

Your dashboard displays the information that is most important to you across projects, teams, and workspaces. You may use your dashboard as your primary place to work in CA Agile Central—the place where you make updates, get statuses, and view charts.

Standard Navigation Personalized Navigation
Dashboard page Dashboard page, personalized navigation


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