How CA Agile Central Organizes Information

CA Agile Central's easy-to-use interface is divided by the following basic components located at the top of CA Agile Central's page :

  • Workspaces
  • Projects
  • Modes
  • Menus


Workspaces and Projects

A workspace sets context for your projects. Your CA Agile Central subscription can consist of multiple workspaces. Each workspace can be divided in to multiple projects. You can share data between projects within a workspace, but not across different workspaces.

Users with administrative privileges manage workspaces.

A project is a collection of work to be done that is scheduled in to releases and iterations. You can create a hierarchy of projects to represent multiple teams or products that mirror your company's development structure.

Workspaces and projects


There are two basic modes in CA Agile Central:

  • Project
  • Setup

The mode you select determines the menus and corresponding data that display on the CA Agile Central page. When you select a mode a set of major menus display. These menus are color-coded to match the color of the project button on the navigation bar. This visual cue helps keeps you apprised of your location within the CA Agile Central application at all times. Select any menu and you are presented with a series of links to web pages designed to provide access to various views and activities.

Project Mode

Use the CA Agile Central Project mode to access the main project workplace of CA Agile Central. This is where you access your dashboard , plan iterations, track progress, and use reports.

Project mode

Setup Mode

Use the Setup mode to configure your CA Agile Central workspaces, profile, notifications, and CA Agile Central subscription (administrators only). Setup mode

Project Menus

The menus available when you select project mode include:

  • My Home
  • Plan
  • Track
  • Quality
  • Reports
  • Search

My Home (Dashboard)

My Home is your own personalized view of the development effort that applies to you. The Getting Started panel appears and offers several links to help you get started, understand new CA Agile Central functionality, and helpful tips for using CA Agile Central. Add your own custom pages for easy access to web-based applications from within CA Agile Central.



Use the Plan menu to plan and schedule work to be completed into iterations and releases. The Backlog menu provides a central location for you to manage all requirements awaiting scheduling .



The Track menu helps you manage your project. The Team Status page displays tasks for an iteration in the current workspace or project grouped by owner .



Use the Quality menu to centralize your quality-related work items like defects, defect suites, and test cases. These work items are essential to accepting the iteration and release as completed. This menu display reflects the modules enabled for your subscription; both defects and tests can be enabled or disabled when your subscription is created.



The Reports menu helps you manage your projects. Here you can easily and intuitively access all reports from a single location.



Use the Search menu when you need to locate work items. As your project grows in size and scope , this menu becomes essential in locating work items you want to work on or review.


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