HP PPM (CapGemini)

Many organizations have implemented HP PPM for managing their end-to-end portfolio management process areas and CA Agile Central for managing Agile projects. The HP PPM – CA Agile Central integrator by CapGemini provides a tight integration of CA Agile Central with HP PPM, facilitating the use of a single platform for visibility into both Agile and traditional development projects.

The integrator has been specifically designed to exchange information between HP PPM and CA Agile Central across different phases in the project development cycle. The seamless integration allows data to flow between the project phases and facilitates setting up of control points at any point in the lifecycle . This ensures real-time data is available in HP PPM for all Agile projects and the project data is updated in CA Agile Central Dev based on changes made in HP PPM.

The two-way flow of data also ensures project teams save time as they do not have to update and manage project data in two different project management applications. Agile project teams can continue executing and tracking the project in CA Agile Central while the data is updated into HP PPM automatically. The tight integration between HP PPM and CA Agile Central ensures IT management can use HP PPM for a consolidated view of all IT and business activities for better visibility into the project and portfolio management processes while CA Agile Central focuses on the backlog management and the day-to-day planning, execution, and tracking of the Agile team ’s activities.


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