IBM RequisitePro

OpsHub is the leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and migration solutions for application development organizations.

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) brings agility at scale to large application development organizations that need real-time collaboration between software developers, testers, business analysts, and project managers. Integrating your ALM environment with OIM will help deliver the potential of Agile development through real-time collaboration driving accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

It provides all stakeholders involved with consistent, timely, and reliable visibility to make better decisions faster. There are fewer miscommunications, which result in on-time delivery of the required solution. With OIM, you can realize full potential agile development, faster time-to-market, regulatory compliance, and greater organizational visibility.

OIM allows the cross-functional teams using disparate tools like Rally and IBM Rational RequisitePro in application development organizations to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other, thus increasing overall team agility, productivity, and efficiency.

The IBM RequisitePro Connector is provided by the OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM). OIM is an ALM integration and migration solution that unifies ALM systems seamlessly.



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