Iteration Burndown

The Iteration Burndown app displays work remaining and completed in the iteration to proactively anticipate whether the committed work will be delivered by the iteration end date. It is also useful during iteration retrospective meetings, to help identify events during the iteration or problems with estimation during planning.

Iteration Burndown

Features include:

  • Remaining task hours are blue bars.
  • Completed story points are green bars.
  • Ideal burndown rate is a black line, based on the task estimate .
  • Hover over the bars or line to see detailed figures on current and past progress.
  • Enable the legend for the app from the Settings menu.

Data displayed in the app is in the same format as the Iteration Burndown Chart. Select the chart to go to the Reports tab , where you may view past iterations, export, email, and print the chart.

Source code is available: Iteration Burndown source code



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