The CA Agile Central Integration for Jenkins

Jenkins monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as continuous deployment and continuous deployment pipelines for software projects.

The CA Agile Central integrations for Jenkins uploads build information to CA Agile Central. Each Jenkins job corresponds to a BuildDefinition object in CA Agile Central, which is given the name of the Jenkins job. When a Jenkins job completes, it is represented by a Build object in CA Agile Central. Builds are automatically linked to their BuildDefinition in CA Agile Central as well. A workspace and project in CA Agile Central can have one or more associated BuildDefinitions.

This enables traceability of a build to a story, defect , build status information, cross-team, and historical build trending within CA Agile Central.

Major Features

  • View Jenkins job status by project
  • Easily link to Jenkins build page
  • Roll up build statuses using project hierarchy
  • Build dashboards to view build health and traceability
  • Track build history by project and over time
  • Identify which builds are associated with stories or defects
  • Store build history for analytics purposes
  • Build custom apps or dashboards to understand:
    • The percentage of builds are currently broken
    • The duration of broken builds
    • Which teams are best at keeping builds green

See the Build Connector for Jenkins Installation and User Guide for information on downloading, installing, configuring, and using the connector.

SubSystem Interaction

Several subsystems need to interact in order for the Jenkins plugin to perform properly. The diagrams below describe how the systems interact.

  1. Check in code and provide an Artifact ID (for example, DE27).
  2. CA Agile Central connector detects the change.
  3. CA Agile Central VCS Connector updates CA Agile Central with change information and does the following:
    • Creates a new SCMRepository in CA Agile Central (if needed)
    • Creates a changeset object, with child Change objects in CA Agile Central
    • Links the changeset object to the artifact named in the check-in (DE27)
  4. A Jenkins build is triggered either automatically or manually.
  5. The build is performed in Jenkins and completes.
  6. The Jenkins plugin for CA Agile Central detects a new build has completed.
  7. The Jenkins plugin for CA Agile Central updates CA Agile Central and does the following:
    • Creates a new BuildDefinition (if needed)
    • Creates a new build and links to BuildDefinition
    • Checks if the changeset associated with the build is in CA Agile Central and, if so, links the build to it

Understand Build Health Over Time

Track how your builds are improving over time to identify trends. Zoom in on high-performing teams to determine best-practices.




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