Manage Portfolio Dependencies

As organizations coordinate planning and execution, product managers, product owners, and release train engineers will need to visualize dependencies between teams at varying levels of detail.

CA Agile Central provides predecessor and successor relationships between either portfolio items or between user stories to document dependencies and build order across your organization.

Important: You should only create predecessor and successor relationships at levels of your portfolio hierarchy that are critical for tracking a chain of execution. Generally, this is your lowest level portfolio item type.

When you need to indicate that mid and top level portfolio items should be finished together, you can create these associations with milestones.

Create and Assign Dependencies

You can create new portfolio items that must precede or succeed an existing portfolio item from detail pages.

Select the Add New button within each section to create a new portfolio item that will be assigned as a predecessor or successor to the current item:

Select the Choose button to associate existing portfolio items as a successor or predecessor:

Note: You can create dependencies only between portfolio items of the same type.

Edit or Remove Dependencies

You can edit the fields of a successor or predecessor from a portfolio item's detail page.

Select Edit from the gear menu, or select the highlighted ID to navigate to the item's editable detail page:

Review Dependencies from Summary Views

Board apps and pages that display portfolio items as cards will indicate dependencies with the icon. Display the Dependencies field from the Show On Cards chooser, and the icon will display on cards. Select the icon to view details of predecessors and successors:

Grid views and apps will also display this information when the Dependencies field is added to your view:

The following pages and apps provide board or grid view support for the Dependencies field:

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