My Test Cases

The My Test Cases app allows you to view test cases for which you are the owner .

Features include:

  • View the FormattedID, Name, Work Item, Type, Last Verdict , and Last Run fields by default
  • Add standard and custom fields to the app display through the Settings menu
  • Hover over the FormattedID of work items to see description and hierarchy details
  • Click the FormattedID to navigate to the item's detail page
  • Click inside of fields to edit details
  • Sort data by clicking column names
  • Click the Add New button to add additional test cases
  • Use the Filter by Owner drop-down menu to find test cases assigned to you. You can also clear the filter or select No Owner to display test cases that are not currently owned by anyone
  • Click the Show Columns icon and select the checkboxes to customize the columns displayed on the app
  • Import test cases, export to CSV and print by clicking the Import/Export/Print icon
  • Enter a query via the Settings menu
  • Bulk edit test case fields
  • Bulk associate test cases to user stories and defects


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