Networking Best Practices


As mentioned in this article, CA Agile Central utilizes Content Delivery Network (CDN) networks to provide our customers with a faster overall experience. These CDNs have a wide variety of IP addresses which CA Agile Central cannot control or describe with any accuracy.

According to our CDN provider’s website, a CDN refers to a large network of servers deployed across multiple networks in several data centers, often geographically distributed. CDNs are employed by companies across many industries to deliver HTTP content, rich media like streaming audio and video, and downloadable files. CDNs are optimized to provide higher speed and greater scalability and availability than is practical for a standalone server deployment.

To provide the best overall experience of CA Agile Central’s solution, it’s important that our users can realize and utilize the benefits of the CDN. To do this, we need to look at how data, specifically network traffic, flows through your organization - at your headquarters and worldwide.

To illustrate, here's a common example we see with customers who have a global presence:

In the image above, we have a company with a global presence characterized by a headquarters in the United States and additional satellite offices around the globe. However, HQ is receiving complaints about CA Agile Central's performance from their users in the satellite offices. After an investigation and confirmation from our troubleshooting, we discover this company’s network traffic looks like this:

Note: The yellow lines represent network traffic and the represents an EDGE node (one of the CDN endpoints).

We can clearly see that the entire company's traffic to and from CA Agile Central is going through the EDGE node located in the United States, which adds additional latency and delay in getting and responding to CA Agile Central requests to the satellite offices.

To ensure all users get the best possible CA Agile Central experience using our CDN, we need to configure CA Agile Central requests to access local EDGE nodes:

Now, each of the satellite offices can access CA Agile Central through a local EDGE node located in or near the satellite office's physical location, vastly improving the response time of the CA Agile Central solution.

Our recommendations for resolution provide steps on how to configure your environments to access CA Agile Central using a local EDGE node. If your IT department isn't comfortable making these DNS changes at the satellite office, we also have instructions on using Google Public DNS and making these changes on a user's machine.

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