Notification Emails

Notifications emails from Rally can be initiated as part of several different processes, but each will come from the same address. Email messages are generated from Rally for the following actions:

  • Creating a new user will send them a “Welcome” email with a URL, username, and instructions for accessing Rally.
  • Using the “Forgot your password?” link or having an administrator choose this option while editing a user will send an email containing a URL that allows the selection of a new password.
  • Setting up a notification rule to alert you of particular changes that are made to work items will send an email summarizing those updates as they are made.

For more detailed information on setting up notification rules, see Set Up Your Notifications.


Currently, all notifications for our SaaS-based customers come from the address Rally Notification [[email protected]]. To ensure that email is properly delivered, have your IT group either enable SPF verification (preferred), or whitelist the following IP addresses for Rally email notifications:

Be sure to check the junk or spam mail folder and any spam filters for this account to make sure that these emails are not being misfiled, filtered, or blocked.

On-Premises customers will need to obtain these details from their Rally administrator.

User settings

Each user can choose to enable or disable notification functionality from Setup → Profile → Edit Profile. The Email Notifications field must be set to Yes to prevent any issues with receiving notification emails from Rally. The default setting for this field on all new users is No.

While editing your profile, be sure that the email address associated with your account is entered correctly. This value is separate from the username you use to access Rally and can be different.

Subscription settings

Subscription administrators can also choose to enable or disable email functionality across the entire subscription from Setup → Subscription → Actions → Edit Subscription and selecting the Email Functionality field. This option must be set to True to prevent any issues with receiving notification emails from Rally. The default setting for all new subscriptions is True.


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