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Q: Can you provide a list of the PPM tools that CA Agile Central integrates with?

A: CA Agile Central Software enables PPM leaders to continuously adapt to changing business conditions.


Q: How is the risk score determined?


A: The risk score is an integer representing your assessment of the risk level associated with a feature or an initiative.


Q: Does the CA Agile Central platform have an area to track the assumptions to an item? If so, is it as detailed as the task level?


A: There are at least three ways to handle tracking assumptions:

  • Use the rich text field of the description. Here at CA Agile Central we put the lightweight business case, including assumptions, right in the description, so it's easily seen by all.
  • Create a custom field to capture assumptions.
  • Include links to online documents or attachments.



Q: Has the Agile approach been proven to avoid over-working employees?


A: There are many proof points for how Agile has helped companies achieve a sustainable pace for their employees. However, good Agile requires discipline and a company could certainly misuse Agile to overwork employees. Many Agile practices are designed to prevent overwork by making all work visible, by making true capacity and velocity visible. However, we have seen companies continue bad practices of hiding work, such as technical debt or pet projects, and thus end up with over-taxed people. The key is to commit to true visibility. Another key is to get buy-in to what Lean has taught us about how fully-utilized people and resources leads to LESS throughput. Drastically less work gets done when people are loaded to 100% capacity, or even 75%.


Q: Is the value score the only free-form entry or does CA Agile Central provide methods for calculating the value score from customizable sub-scores?


A: You can use CA Agile Central's platform to write custom apps to build an interface for calculating value. For example, we have built an app that uses custom fields to capture time value, user value, risk value, and size, and then calculates Weighted Shortest Job First (which Reinertsen talks about as one way to capture value scores).


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