Password Resets

Automatic Resets

Anyone can use the "Forgot Your Password?" link available on the main CA Agile Central login page and enter a username to initiate a password reset email for that individual.

Password Reset Email Troubleshooting

Username Format Entered

The password reset email will not come through if you're not entering the full username (remember to include the section), or if the Forgot Password page is accessed from the wrong URL. This notification will be sent to the email address associated with their account that contains a link allowing them to select and confirm a new password for their login.

Spam/Mail System Filtering

If you are still unable to receive the reset message, it may be blocked by your mail system. Check the spam mail folder and any spam filters for this account to make sure that these emails are not being filtered or blocked.

Whitelisted IPs

You might also have your IT department take a look to help troubleshoot why they are not receiving emails. Currently, all notifications come from the address CA Agile Central Notification [[email protected]]. To ensure that email is properly delivered, have your IT group either enable SPF verification (preferred), or whitelist the following IP addresses for CA Agile Central email notifications:

User-Initiated Resets

Users can reset their own passwords at any time by selecting their profile image, then Edit Profile and selecting Change Password from the (...) menu.

Administrative Resets

For basic information about password resets, see change user passwords.

Subscription administrators can override the automatic email reset process temporarily by disabling email functionality to manually update their users' passwords.

  1. Go to Setup, Subscription, Actions, Edit Subscription and deselect the field for Email Functionality.
  2. Next, go to Setup, Users, Edit User and set the password for individuals.

While email functionality is disabled, notification rule emails are not initiated but are visible on the My Notifications app.

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