Personalized Navigation

Enable Personalized Navigation

Would you like to be a beta user for our new personalized navigation feature ? Click your profile photo, then select New Features. On the pop-up, click the box next to Personalized_Navigation and click Save.

Customize your CA Agile Central experience by saving the most relevant pages to you in your navigation sidebar . This is useful if you work with multiple teams or only access several pages in CA Agile Central. Personalized navigation makes it easier to access what you need in your workspace .

To open the navigation sidebar, select the menu () icon in the top left corner. To close the navigation sidebar, click the X or press the Esc key.

Manage Projects

If you work with or support multiple teams, you can save those teams in your My Projects selector for quick access to any relevant pages for them.

To add a project or team to your view:

  1. Select the ‧‧‧ next to Projects.
  2. From the projects selector, select All Projects

    You can select multiple projects at a time. Remember that some projects may be children to other projects.
    Select projects

Once you add a project, it is automatically pinned to your My Projects selector. To delete a project from My Projects, hover over the project and select the pushpin icon.

To order the projects listed in My Projects, select the project name and drag and drop it to the desired location.

Manage Pages

You can save multiple pages in your sidebar to help keep track of your work.

To add a page to your sidebar:

  1. Click the ellipsis (‧‧‧) next to Pages.
    All available pages for the workspace display, including any custom pages.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To view a page, select the page name.
    • To save a page to your navigation sidebar, select the pushpin () icon next to the page name.

To remove a page, select the pushpin icon next to the page you want to remove.

To specify a page as your start page from the page selector, select the gear icon next to the page you want and select Set as Start Page.

To create a custom page, select the + next to Custom in the page selector.

To order the pages listed in your sidebar, select the page name and drag and drop it to the desired location.

Recycle Bin

To access the Recycle Bin page, access and pin it from the page selector.


If you have a project in your project selector that has child projects, you can set the scoping to include all children or specific projects.

To show work from child or parent teams, select the gear icon in the bottom corner of the navigation pane and select Show Scope Options.

To view other workspaces in your subscription , select the gear icon in the bottom corner of the navigation pane and select Show Workspaces. To scope to different workspaces, select the ‧‧‧ next to Workspaces for a list of workspaces in your subscription to which you have access. You will need to set up your project and page preferences for each workspace.

My Settings

To access your profile settings, watches, notification rules, and labs, select your profile picture in the top-right corner and select My Settings.


Use Personalized Navigation Video
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