Portfolio Hierarchy

Use the Portfolio Hierarchy app to visualize and manage the relationships between different levels of portfolio items and the stories that support them. This is a useful app for project managers and product owners.

Scheudule State field visible

This app displays portfolio items and their children, including user stories.

Source code is available: Portfolio Hierarchy source code

Manage Portfolio Items

To manage items in the hierarchy:
  1. Select the inline gear icon to edit, copy, or delete items, or add a child directly from the hierarchy. When working with user stories in the hierarchy, you can add, edit, copy, and delete tasks or defects using the gear menu.
    Add Child option
  2. Use drag-and-drop to:
    • Re-parent portfolio items, enforcing parents of the appropriate type.
    • Re-parent stories to other stories.
    • Re-parent tasks to other lowest-level stories.
    • Move stories to become children of the appropriate type of portfolio item.


Hovering over the filter icon displays the current settings.

Filter icon

To change the app settings:
  1. Select the app gear icon and select Settings.
  2. Select one of the following project settings to filter the top level of items presented in the app. Project settings apply only to the top level of the hierarchy.
    • Select Follow Global Project Setting to filter according to your global project picker .
    • Select Choose Specific Project if you want to see another project's work, regardless of your global project setting.
  3. Use the Type drop-down to filter the tree at a particular type of portfolio item.
  4. Use the Query field to enter SQL-style queries to filter the data displayed in the app based on field values.
    Note: Queries apply to the top-most level of portfolio items in view.


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