PractiTest test management tool is an all-in-one software where you and your team can manage, control, track, document and optimize tests in real time. Finally have complete visibility for your entire process.

  • Complete visibility - run and manage all your tests in one place. 
  • Completely customizable to your process - seamlessly integrate with all of your existing tools.
  • Save time and shorten processes - reduce the uncertainty and the risk of delivering a partially tested product.


PractiTest screenshot


PractiTest 2-way integration with CA Agile Central creates an end-to-end process that seamlessly links both systems and allows users to:

  • Automatically report and link defects in CA Agile Central directly from PractiTest’s test runs. 
  • Automatically populate information into CA Agile Central, based on the information gathered from the run.
  • Import defects and user stories from CA Agile Central to PractiTest.
  • Automatically update defects or user-stories of CA Agile Central that are linked to PractiTest once they are modified in CA Agile Central.


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