Q1 2018 Release Notes

These notes provide pertinent information regarding features, changes, and defect fixes that were periodically released to CA Agile Central On-Demand from September 26, 2017 to February 22, 2018. Hardware and software requirements, compatibility, and known issues for the CA Agile Central Enterprise and Unlimited Editions during this time period are also provided.





The VCS Connector for Bitbucket Server (BBS) functions similarly to our core VCS connectors, such as SVN and Mercurial, in that it extracts information from the commit messages in Bitbucket and posts changeset information to CA Agile Central. Learn more.

The Agile Central Build Connector for Bamboo posts information about Bamboo Plan Builds to CA Agile Central. Learn more.

The CA Agile Central Database Connector (Postgres) retrieves CA Agile Central (AC) entity item information and writes to a CSV file or Postgres database table. Learn more.

Third-Party Context

As a CA Agile Central user , you want to be able to see and navigate to all of the context related to a work item, even if that context is outside of CA Agile Central. The connections data for a work item gives you this information. Learn more.

Community App Catalog

The CA Agile Central Community App Catalog contains apps that were created outside of CA Agile Central. They have been carefully selected and reviewed by the CA Agile Central engineering team. CA Agile Central provides limited support for these applications, and they are subject to Beta terms.

New App Catalog

We've made some great changes to the App Catalog.

  • New look-and-feel, including tile and list views.
  • Badges on apps to help distinguish between core, custom, subscription , and community apps.
  • Addition of customer -favorite apps.
  • Links to the GitHub repository.


User Custom Fields

Subscription and workspace administrators can create a custom field that allows selections from your CA Agile Central user list. User-type custom fields are allowed in work items , projects, workspaces, and users.

User drop-down list

Field Occurrences

You can now view how often a field is being used by work items in a workspace. Click see occurrences in the editor window to view a sortable table with information on those specific occurrences.

Convert Story to Defect

You have the ability to convert a defect to a user story . Now, you can convert a user story to a defect.

Milestone-Filtered Custom Pages

You may create a custom page that contains apps linked to a specific iteration , release, or milestone.

Bulk Edit

Bulk edit mode is available on most pages, while multi-edit is available on work item summary pages. Bulk edit mode is preferred as it is capable of editing more fields, and can also bulk parent and associate related work items.

View Plan Progression

Track a published plan's progress throughout the release, including which features were added, completed, and removed. Learn more.

Team Member Board App

The Team Member Board app gives you a view of the team members for each of your projects.

Team Member Board app

Team members are assigned to a project from the Project Users page.

Action Menu on QDP

The Quick Detail Page (QDP) now includes an Action menu icon, next to the FormattedID. This menu includes actions that can be performed on this work item.

QDP Action menu

Show Legends on Reports


You have the option to add a legend to some apps on a dashboard or custom page . To enable the legend, click Settings, then select Show Legend.

Beta programs

CA Agile Central’s beta programs get you involved with improving effectiveness and usability of new features before they are released. If you would like to participate, please send an email to [email protected].

Changes to the SOAP, REST, and JSON Web Service API

Web Services API Deprecation Policy

In order to support developer toolkits, custom apps, and queries more effectively, we are introducing a formal deprecation policy to the Web Services API. With the new policy, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to support older versions of the WSAPI for one year after a new version is released.

The current version of the WSAPI, 2.0, is fully supported. Its one year deprecation period will begin on the date that the next version is released. You may review the full deprecation policy in the CA Agile Central Web Services API documentation.

Hardware and Software Requirements

We at CA Agile Central are committed to making our software easily accessible. You can access CA Agile Central wherever you have an Internet connection using a PC, Linux, or Macintosh computer. Because this software is available through the World Wide Web, many of the constraints regarding which computer and software you use to access this material have been removed.

Nevertheless, it is not possible or practical for us to support every operating system and browser combination that is available. To take advantage of the newest CA Agile Central features, we recommend that you use one of the following fully supported browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer*
  • Microsoft Edge

We support the two latest versions of each of these browsers. We do not recommend using development, test, or beta versions of these web browsers. Versions that are not publicly released may not work properly with the CA Agile Central application. In particular we strongly suggest using Chrome.

Regardless of the browser you choose, you must enable cookies and JavaScript .

* Internet Explorer Currently, we support Internet Explorer 11. CA Agile Central does not support Internet Explorer 6 through 10.

PDF Reader:

  • Minimum Adobe Reader 5.0 Microsoft Windows platforms (not Linux)
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher recommended

Learn more about browser support.


  • Minimum 1024 X 768 X 256-color video resolution, 1280 x 1024 recommended.

Customer Support

Find answers, collaborate with others, and submit cases with support at CA Agile Central Community.


Need more help? The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to CA Agile Central Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us in the CA Agile Central Community.