QMetry is test management software uniquely designed to improve the efficiency of quality assurance teams, while empowering teams to support their quality objectives. QMetry enables testing teams to focus on testing activities while providing a zero-maintenance platform. With its centralized repository, QMetry makes it easy for team members to gather, organize, and share information for successfully meeting quality objectives.


With QMetry, you can:

  • Import CA Agile Central user stories into QMetry (you must configure CA Agile Central as a requirements tracker)
  • Specify the field mapping between CA Agile Central and QMetry
  • Search through various user stories and create filters in QMetry
  • Import all the user stories which match filter criteria automatically into QMetry as requirements or test cases
  • Receive periodic updates to the user stories to synch to QMetry (no additional plugin needed)

For more information, view their case studies.

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Free, customizations extra


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